How to Recover When Your Facebook Account is Hacked


A Facebook account has helped many people in spreading their businesses and brands but, if your account has been hacked then it can affect your business very much. So, we are going to tell you how to recover hacked facebook account without email and phone number.

How to know your account is hacked

Before you know about the recovery procedure, it is important to make sure that your account has been compromised. 

Steps to follow to recover your Facebook account

When you are sure that your account has been compromised then, you should stick to these steps as we can help you in recovering your account. 

  1. You should start with the Facebook account recovery process that is there on the Facebook help page, 

  2. You need to give a reason why you are using this method so, highlight that you are doing the facebook hack account recover method. 

  3. Then, you need to upload a picture of any of your Government IDs through which Facebook will verify you. 

  4. You can also ask your friends to report your account getting hacked. 

  5. Once, you have done this then Facebook will take necessary action and recover your account from the clutches of hackers. 

It is very frustrating to deal with a hacked account so, you can also look up information on our website Ityug247 to know more about Facebook recovery methods and techniques. 


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