How to Fix Facebook Not Responding [2021 Updated]

Facebook is a platform where people post status updates, videos send messages, and share photos and videos as well. It's an online platform where people can share their views and connect with people from around the world. It’s a good social networking site.

Whenever you use any social networking sites after using them for some time, they will freeze and not respond. It’s actually a common problem, which occurs from time to time. And if your Facebook is not working, you can easily solve this problem, if you are an android user it's good if you clear your cache from time to time because after this, you may not be finding any problem but if you still face any problem and ask yourself why is my Facebook not responding. You can just solve this in minutes, whether you are an iPhone or an android user so do not worry why your Facebook stopped working

Tips To Resolve If Facebook Not Responding On Mobile

  • Check your mobile storage 

  • Log out and again log in to your account

  • Clean your Facebook cache

  • Update your Facebook application

  • Upgrade your android or iPhone mobile operating system

Resolve If Facebook Not Working On Browser

If you use Facebook on google or chrome or any other sites, just check browser status and clean the browser cache and update your browser as well. While after doing this you may have downloaded some plugins on your computer device. These kinds of apps can slow down your Facebook and create some more issues as well so make sure you logged in your account and checked in stealth mode. if it’s running smoothly that means your Facebook has normal status.