How Do I Fix Error Code 10004 in Zoom?

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When it comes to video meets then the first app which comes into your mind is Zoom. Office meetings, online classes, or other things are hosted on the Zoom platform, which is a solid choice. 

However sometimes you might encounter zoom install error code 10004 while you are using Zoom which you might want to fix. 

In this blog we are going to tell you about the meaning of this error along with which we will also tell you the ways using which you can fix the error. 

Meaning and reasons behind the zoom error code 10004 

It is an error code which users usually face when they are trying to open the Zoom application for the very first time when you are done installing it on your computer device.

There could be plenty of reasons because of which this error might occur for you such as server problems with Zoom, issues with internet connectivity of internet, failure of auto update and interference of third party software. 

Methods which are proven to fix the error of Zoom for the users 

You can fix the error first by getting proper connection issues of your device, the next way you could use is to give your zoom client a manual update. 

You should permit zoom to pass through the windows defender firewall so that you can fix zoom updates error code 10004 which you are facing on your device and we expect that the details which have been offered to you in this blog were all beneficial for you in fixing the errors. 

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