Yahoo Chat Room is back?


After Google yahoo became one of the most popular and emerging search engines and not only search engine but it also one of the most popular email service all across the world. Yahoo chat was also one of the services provided by Yahoo and in this article we are going to know whether this service is still working or not.

Yahoo messenger online free chat is a service provided by Yahoo in the year 1997 and was liked as well used by a large number of users too. And for your information we would like to tell you that this service is not working now and is not back as well. 

Features of Yahoo messenger 

Let us get to know some of the amazing features of Yahoo chat rooms which the users loved. 

  1. The users could undo the sent messages on this service. 

  2. The users had the option to send GIFs during conversations on Yahoochat

  3. The Yahoo messenger is compatible with any devices on which you want to use it and then you can use it anywhere you want to. 

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