Windows 10 Computer Restarts When Playing Games


Does your pc restarts while gaming on Windows 10? If yes, then do not worry as there are a lot of users who face this problem. 

This problem usually arises when the Graphic card of Windows 10 overheats or there is an issue with the driver of the computer. Now, you may want to know how you can overcome the problem of pc restarts when playing games

Solutions to fix Pc crashing problem while gaming

Method 1: Cool Down your computer

Sometimes this issue happens when your PC or computer is overheating or overused so in this case, you may want to shut down your computer and let it cool down. This will protect your PC from any overuse and you can play games whenever you want.

Method 2: Install the latest Windows version

If your pc restarts when playing games then, you should check whether the version of Windows that you are using is updated or not. An older version of windows will crash as the new games are not supported on it. We recommend that you download the newest Windows version.

Method 3: Reinstall Graphic Card Drivers

As we have mentioned earlier this issue can happen if there is an issue with the Graphic Card Drivers of your computer. This graphic card plays a very important part when you play games. You should try to reinstall the graphic card driver in your computer to stop your PC from crashing. 

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