Why is One side of the Airpod louder than the other?


This guide will show you a few reasons behind this one side of the airpod being louder than the other issue. Check a few reasons:

The possible reasons for one airport quieter than the other are:

>When there is an uneven adjustment in balance and Audio settings 

>When there is a technical issue with the device or,

>Technical issues with the airpods, such as damaged wire or one side of the airpod not working.


To fix the issue one of my airpods is louder than the other:

  1. Users must Clean the AirPods:

Sometimes airpods get accumulated with dust, dirt, ear wax, sweat, etc. which can cause damage to the airpod, and cleaning them is a must to remove those junk by using a lint-free cloth to clean the surface or thin fresh towel to clean your AirPods or a toothbrush to remove the particles.

  1. Users must check the Audio Balance.

That means the balance should be adjusted in the middle to keep the audio levels, check both left and right airpods.

And also the volume level, check the volume settings for airpods.

  1. Must Reset AirPods settings

One of the simple quick steps to solve the issue is to reset the airpods settings, which will fix any software issue occurring with the connection of the airpods with the device.

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