What are the Steps to Reset Facebook Password?

Facebook is the most important platform for users.

Situations where users would need to reset their facebook account password are:

  • When users are unable to login into the account or 

  • Their account got hacked

  • When users forget password for facebook (old password)

  • Need a new password as the old password is known by many people

  • Random users want to reset the password as per pleasure.

Ways how to find your password on facebook

Users can follow the steps accordingly to how to find or change the password of a facebook account:


>Users would need to open the facebook login page and enter the Facebook username

>Click on the Forgot Password icon given below

>Facebook password reset page opens and users can easily receive a recovery code to the registered email address or mobile number

>Choose any one way and then click on the recovery link received

>Facebook password creation page opens and enters the new password and re-enters it.


Users can try logging in again to see if Facebook accepts new passwords or not. Hence the new password or facebook password reset happened when users forgot passwords for facebook or any other valid reason.


Other ways how to check password on facebook:


If users have linked their Facebook Account to the Google Account, they can recover/ check their facebook password.

Users don't need an alternative email address or mobile number.

The recovery code would be automatically sent to the Google Account and users can follow the above steps to create a new password.