Unable to Install Printer in Windows 10


Windows 10 has provided its customers with different features that allow them to create beautiful and eye-catching documents and files. To get these beautifully crafted documents in hard copy, you need to get a printer. But are you unable to install printer Windows 10. I know it can put a stop to a lot of your plans but do not worry; there is a genuine solution for your problem.

We will give you some troubleshooting methods that will help you if you are facing a problem with your printer and windows 10.

Method 1: Verify the print process files

If you are facing an Install printer Windows 10 issue, you may need to check your print process files. Follow the correct steps to remedy this problem.

  • Open search and then look for Services.

  • Once opened, click on Print Spooler Service to put a stop to it. 

  • Now, you need to copy all the files from your working PC to the same place that is facing issues with the printer.

  • After that, create a registry for the newly copied files.

  • This will help you to fix the issue with your printer.

Method 2: Use the Printer Troubleshooter

Can’t install printer on windows 10? Don’t worry Windows 10 has also taken care of this problem to make sure its users are satisfied. There is a program in Windows 10 that helps you to remedy the problem. 

  • Open the Settings on your computer.

  • Look for the Update and Security tab.

  • You will find a troubleshooter option in the drop-down list.

  • Launch the troubleshooter for the printer and see if it fixes your issues.

You can also use the website Ityug247 to know more troubleshooting methods for fixing your printer on Windows 10.  Use these methods and avail all the features given by Windows 10.


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