Solutions to fix AOL mail attachment problems


AOL mail is usually a very good and trouble-free email service but still, there are some instances where you can face aol mail attachment problems on your computer. So, here you will know some quick fixes that will help you in fixing this issue.

Quick Fixes to Fix AOL mail attachments

  1. Restart your device

The first thing that you can try if you are facing aol attachment limit problems on your computer is to restart the device. Restarting the device fixes some issues that your device may be facing as it is a very effective way.

  1. Make sure that you have to correct software

It is very important that you have the correct software if you cannot open attachments in aol mail on iphone. There are different software that are required to view different files and this is why you need to have the correct software to view that file. 

  1. Use a compatible browser

Sometimes, you may face this issue due to the browser. If you are using a browser that is not compatible with AOL mail then, your attachments will not be download properly. So, use a compatible browser for the mail account.

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