Received google verification code text without requesting


Did you feel weird too when you Random verification code text? But why is Google sending you verification codes, if something is wrong or suspicious?

Let's find out what are the probable reasons behind it.

Probable reasons behind why you are receiving Google verification codes?

Here are some of the probable reasons behind the “received google verification code without requesting it” that you should know.


  • Google has noticed Suspicious Sign-in Attempts

  • Someone has made modifications to your Google account

  • You have performed login into your Google account from an old device.

  • Usage of third-party Applications.

  • You have changed your Password Recently.

  • Lastly, someone wants to get through your Google Voice Number.


These are some of the probable reasons why you are getting a Google verification code, now let’s take a look at what will happen if someone got your Google verification code.

Consequences you will encounter if someone got your Verification code.

We hope that this will not happen to anyone but unfortunately, if you become the victim of a Google code scam, then they could change your password, verification email address, or verification mobile number.

Eventually, you will end up losing access to your Google account which simply means now they can access your Google photos, video, files, and contacts too.

Just imagine the chaos they can create in your life.


So, it was advised not to give your account access to anyone or the verification code, even in Google’s terms and policies it is clearly mentioned not to share it with anyone and also you can check out Ityug247 for more details related to it and more.


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