How to type degree Symbol° on Mac?

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You are at a very cold place or you are at a place where the temperature has gone too high and you want to share the information with your family members. When you want to send the temperature or write the angel then, you need to include the degree symbol but, how to include the degree symbol on your Mac. 

It can sometimes be very confusing to look for the shortcut to add the degree symbol on mac as there is no proper key available for the same and this is why in this guide, we are going to tell you how you can insert the degree symbol in a message that you are sending with your Mac. 

What is the shortcut to add a degree symbol on mac?

There are a few shortcuts that people can use when they want to type the degree symbol which is ° on your mac and here we are telling you about the same.

  1. Shift + Option + 8

The first method that you can use to insert the degrees symbol mac is to use the shift, option and 8 keys on your keyboard at the same time. You need to carefully click on all three buttons at the same time to add the symbol. 

  1. Option + K

Apart from the above option, you can also use the Option + K keys at the same time on your keyboard to add a small ring like the degree symbol on your Mac. 

These two methods are the easiest and simplest methods that you can use to insert the degree symbol.

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