How to turn off Dark mode on Google Chrome?

It is possible that you have accidentally or intentionally turned on the Google dark mode but now you do not want it and you want to turn it off now but you are aware of the exact steps to do so then this article is you only so that you can know the steps by which you can turn off the dark mode on Google and switch to light mode. 

Steps to turn off the dark mode of Google – 

Let us get to see the steps for how to turn off dark mode on Google so that you can use them. 

  1. For the initial step you need to open the chrome and then on the Chrome you need to look for the three dots and click on it to open the menu. 

  2. Once the menu is opened you need to click on settings option to turn off dark mode on Chromebook followed by which you need to look for theme option and once you find it you need to click on theme option. 

  3. There click on light option which will vanish your Chrome dark mode and light mode will be enabled. 

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