How to Recover Deleted Facebook Posts


Facebook has been at the top of the social media market for more than a decade now. There are tons of different services that are available for public use and are accessed by millions of people from all parts of the globe.

In case you deleted a post and want to recover it, read this blog till the end to know how to recover deleted Facebook posts with relative ease.

Here are some simple steps that can help you to recover deleted Facebook posts with relative ease.

Steps to recover deleted Facebook posts

  • Open the Facebook app and tap on the three dots, to begin with.

  • Access the activity log and click on manage activity.

  • Choose a post and then select delete/trash to remove it.

  • To retrieve the same, access the trash tab from the menu.

  • Simply choose the deleted Facebook posts that you want to recover and click on restore.

These simple steps can help users to recover their deleted posts once they log in or sign in to Facebook account.

For any further info or queries of any kind, you may contact the help and support center of Facebook or you can visit the website of Ityug247 to get answers to your queries.