How to poke on Facebook through Desktop & mobile?

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In this blog we are going to guide you by telling you about what does it mean when you poke someone on Facebook so that when you get across this feature on Facebook it would be easy for you to learn about it. 

Poking on Facebook is when you want someone to know about you on Facebook, when you will poke someone it will be shown to them like, ‘your account name’ has poked you on Facebook. 

There are three options present in front of the other person whom you have poked, he or she can either poke you back, dismiss it or you can also ignore it.  Every poke you do can only be seen by you and your friends whom you are poking. 

Know how to poke someone on Facebook from your account 

You should first move to and then you should get logged into your account using your email address, your phone number as well as your password. 

Now, you will be able to see a poke button from the menu you see in front of you, after which you should hit on the poke button and a notification will be sent to your friend. 

If your friend pokes you back, you can poke them back again using the poke button which is there on the page. We hope that through these details you were successfully able to find out how to poke on Facebook on your account in very simple and easy steps.

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