How to enable Dark mode on Chromebook?


We all know that Dark mode is very much trending nowadays and people want to activate this dark mode in all the apps and things they use. Google has also provided the users with which they can turn on dark mode on chromebook and enjoy using Google and surfing the internet in the dark mode so they can use it. 

Steps to turn on dark mode on Google – 

Let us move to see the steps which will help you to turn on dark mode Chrome so that the users can use their Chrome in dark mode. 

  1. To begin the procedure the users need to open chrome on the browser of the device they are using so that it could further help them to move ahead. 

  2. After you have clicked on the three dots on the right side of the screen you need to look for the settings tab there and click on it.

  3. Under the settings tab, you will see the theme tab and by clicking on it you will take to three options saying default, dark and light you need to click on dark option. 

  4. If any time in the future you need to turn off dark mode Google you just have to click on the light option which will further turn off the Google dark mode for you. 

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