How to Delete messages in groupme?


It can be very important to know how to delete messages in any messaging application that you use. There can be different reasons for deleting messages as people want to clear the clutter in the application or protect personal messages from other people. That is why deleting a message is the first thing that people try to find about any message application and the same can be said for GroupMe.

Deleting messages on Groupme is also an important process that many people do not know about and that is why we are going to tell you whether you can delete messages in Groupme and if you can then, what is the process for the same. 

Is it Possible to delete messages in Groupme?

It is very important to understand that you can delete messages in groupme from your device as if you want to delete a message or photo that you have accidentally sent then, it is not possible for you to do the same. You can only use the process that we are giving here to delete the messages from your own device to free up space in your application or to hide private messages from other people. 

However, the process is not known as Deletion as you can hide messages on the application so that other people do not see the same message on your device. I am sure that you now know whether can you delete message on Groupme. 

The process to hide messages on Groupme

You need to carefully adhere to all the instructions that we are mentioning here when you want to know how you can hide all the messages in groupme on your mobile phone. 

  1. Launch the application on your device to hide all the messages that you want. 

  2. Open the chat that you want to hide and once you have selected the messages, you need to press on the messages for a long time until the drop-down menu appears. 

  3. You will see the hide messages option in the drop-down menu. Press on the same option to hide your message. 

  4. This is how you can very easily hide a message in Groupme and if you ever want to bring that message back then, you need to use the same process to unhide it. 

I am sure that you have understood all the steps that we have provided here and if you want more assistance then, you can also use the website Ityug247