How to Change Your Gmail Password on Any Device?


Changing your Gmail secret key may seem like a problem, yet it very well may be an incredible method for shielding yourself from expected hacks, and battle security breaks when they do occur. Also in all actuality, it just requires a little while to achieve, accepting you have another secret phrase as a top priority.

Here's a key on how to change my Gmail password on an iPhone, Android, or your computer.

  • Change password on iPhone

The following steps will tell you how to change Gmail password on iPhone:

  1. Open the Gmail application.

  2. In the upper right corner of the screen, tap your profile picture or initials.

  3. Tap Google Account, which may likewise show up as Manage your Google Account, contingent upon what rendition of the application you have.

  4. Tap Personal data, situated toward the highest point of the screen.

  5. In the Basic Info segment, tap Password. You might be incited to sign in again utilizing your present password.

  6. Enter your new password two times, as coordinated, then, at that point, select Change Password.

  • Change password on android

The following steps will tell you how to change Gmail password on Android:

  1. Open your gadget's Settings application.

  2. Tap on Google to go to your record.

  3. Click on Manage your Google Account at the top.

  4. At the highest point of the screen, select Security.

  5. Under Signing into Google, tap Password. You may need to sign in to your record to continue to the subsequent stage.

  6. Enter your new password, as incited.

  • Change password on a computer

The following steps will tell you how you can reset Gmail password on a computer:

  1. Go into your Google Account.

  2. Select Security, situated in the left sidebar.

  3. Under Signing into Google, select Password. Yet again you may have to sign in.

  4. Enter your new password in the text boxes, as coordinated.

  5. Click Change Password.


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