How I Can Get Facebook Verification Code Without Phone

The question of ‘how to get facebook verification code without phone number’ might look confusing for you but it is possible to create an account successfully without a phone number. 


Before we begin, we must know what this Facebook verification code means. This Facebook verification is a short numeric code that you will receive through your phone number for the purpose of identity verification. To access your Facebook account, it is mandatory to enter that numeric code in the box given. 

Other than phone numbers, you can use your email address and also receive this verification code. Both processes are the same wherein the phone method you will receive through SMS and in the email method, you will receive the code via mail. 


How to verify a FB account without a verification code?

Method 1 via

You can receive a free number using this app and then with the help of this you can verify your Facebook account.


Step 1: Even after trying through your phone, if ‘facebook 6 digit code not received’ then you will have to install Once you register, you will get a free phone number.


Step 2: After you get a free number, open and enter the phone number and choose the option, give me a call. 


Step 3: Now you will receive a code, enter that in the required space. 


Method 2 Try via email account:

The reason why isn't facebook sending me a confirmation code to my email is most probably due to typing error in the email address and some issues related to it. 

So check the full email address if it is entered correctly. Without a phone number even though an email address, you can get your verification code. 


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