How Easily To Turn on Sound In


Many of you have heard of tik tok which has been banned by the Indian government. Like tiktok, Reddit is also an app on which people post different videos and get likes. But many users face a problem on Reddit that when they play a video they are unable to hear the sound of that video. So, here we come up with this solution of how to turn sound on Reddit

Ways to Turning On Sound



In Reddit, there is a default setting to turn off the sound of videos. You need to turn on the sound manually. To do it, whenever you watch a  video, you see a speaker’s sign on the right side at the bottom of your screen. Press that speaker sign and you will be able to hear the sound of the video. If still you are not able to turn on and hear the sound of the video then let’s see the other solutions to no sound on the Reddit app problem. 


Download the Apollo app from the Play Store. 

The Apollo app is for iOS users. Open the Apollo app and sign in with the Reddit account. A third-party app will allow you to turn on the sound of any video. Click on the video you want to watch and now you will hear the sound of the video. 

For Android users who are using the Reddit app, you need to download Sync from the Google Play Store. The process is the same for Android users and also for Reddit sound. Users also need to sign in with their Reddit account and after that, they will be able to hear the sound of the video. To learn more about this topic visit Ityug247. Other than this you will find many more articles to read that you will find very useful. Hope after reading this you will not face any issues.