How Do I Turn on TikTok Dark Mode on Android?

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Dark mode is trending nowadays, which is making more and more people turn on dark mode on their devices and if you are willing to learn about how you could turn on dark mode tiktok android then let us tell you that you will find out how to do this in this blog. 

Steps for turning on dark mode on tik tok on your device 

On your android device, you can get dark mode on tik tok just by turning on dark mode for your system so let us have a look at the steps – 

You need to begin opening the settings application on your device, after which you need to tap on the option of accessibility and then get to the next step. 

In this step, you are supposed to find the display button under which you are required to hit on the dark theme and then finally you have to toggle on the dark mode option in the developer section of developer. 

As soon as you finish this, the dark theme will be immediately implemented on your phone and you can also enable tiktok dark mode on your device, however the colour for the videos and then photos will not be changed. 

If you follow these steps which we have presented for you in this blog, it will be helpful for you and you will be successful in turning it dark and enjoy it. 

We hope that the details which have been mentioned by us in this blog have been of use and benefit for you and you could do it easily. 


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