How Can I Delete Groupme Message?


Millions of users are using the Groupe app to communicate with their friends and families and is a great way to stay in touch with your loved ones while clogging up the space of your phone.  Accumulation of too many massages hurts your device and you may desire to free up some space to continue chatting. So, you desire to free up your phone’s memory by deleting your groupme messages.

If you are seeking a way how to delete messages from groupMe, then be worry-free. We are here with this comprehensive guide that will let you know all the possible ways to delete GroupMe messages. Stay tuned with us.

Before proceeding to delete your Gropupme message, it is better to know that you can not recover the deleted message from the Groupme app, once deleted. 

How to Delete Groupme Message

Deleting messages from Groupme is a very straightforward process and can be done by following the steps given below. Keep in mind you can not get back the deleted messages from your Groupme. Make sure you desire to do so. Here is how to delete messages in groupme

  • First of all, launch the Groupme app on your Phone.

  • Tap on the “Group Conversation” from where you desire to delete messages.

  • Press and hold the message you want to delete.

  • A pop-up menu with various options will appear on your screen.

  • Select the  “Delete” tab and it will delete your Groupme messages permanently from your Groupme Account 

By deleting the messages from your Groupme account, you can free up space in your phone’s memory.

How to Delete Gropume Chat History

  • Launch the GroupMe app and select the “Individual” or “Group Chat” which you want to delete from your account.

  • Tap on your profile and navigate to “Settings” from the menu.

  • Scroll down to find the “Clear Chat History”, and tap on it.

  •  Here, you need to pick the “Clear” tab to confirm deletion and all your picked chat history will be deleted permanently.

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