Hotschedules Employee Login Guide

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HotSchedules is an online platform, designed to facilitate an efficient workspace as it provides human resource, payroll and other services. 


It allows employees and employers to access and manage their work schedules anytime and anywhere. The platform offers a demo period, after which you're required to sign up for the pricing of the scheduling application. 


It is especially beneficial for employees as they can request to change their work shifts and communicate with team members using the platform. 

How to Login to a HotSchedules Account? 

If you're new to HotSchedules, here's a step-by-step guide on hotschedule login process:


  • Visit the official HotSchedules website on your browser.

  • Enter your accurate login credentials i.e. your HotSchedules username and password. 

  • Tick the “Remember Me” tab if you're using your device and lastly, tap on the “Login” tab.  

HotSchedules Login Requirements 

An employee can not log in to a HotSchedules account on their own as your supervisor is assigned to provide you with a Welcome Sheet that contains your login credentials. 

Silent Feature of HotSchedules Login

  • Employees can check their work calendar from anywhere and anytime. 

  • Employees get informed about various changes such as shift places, different schedules and more.

  • The platform allows users to set up auto-release and auto-pick-up options. 

  • Employees can request to change their work schedules.

  • Employees can communicate with co-workers over text, emails and other modes. 

  • Employees may ask for a small break in between work.  

To Summarise 

HotSchedules is an online platform that facilitates a productive and efficient work environment among employees and employers. It is a great management and communication tool for business purposes. 

We hope you found this article on the hotschedules employee login process helpful.

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