Google home max white Smart Speaker

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The Google home max white is a smart speaker which has plenty of things to offer to the users such as the exceptional quality of audio it gives along with a minimal and sleek design.

In this blog we are going to discuss more about the Google home max white speakers which you might like and want to buy, and before you buy anything you must have a fine understanding of the product. 

A glance at Google home max white speakers for the users 

The price of these speakers is around $218.90 and it is a tweeter type speaker  

You can connect the speakers to your device with the user of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi wireless in addition to which you can also command the speaker with the Google voice assistance feature. 

The speaker weighs 5.30 kg and you will get a year’s warranty whenever you buy it in the near future. 

The speaker has white LED lights and as the name suggests the speaker is also in white colour, the manufacturer of the speakers is Google which is why the Google voice assistance works on it. 

 It has a decent sound but there are cons of this speaker set as well such as the cost of the speaker is too high and it is too difficult to hear voices when the music is extremely loud.

Google home max speaker bass is quite extra for audio purists also, some users think that the better lossless audio options might be better.

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