Fix Can’t Sign into Outlook Issues


Outlook or Hotmail is a very famous email service company and has provided services to a lot of services. But, even such a big and famous email service sometimes faces problems and many people face problems with outlook signing in. this is why we are going to tell you how you can resolve the problems of outlook sign in not working

Fix Outlook/Hotmail Account Issues

There can be many problems why your Outlook email account sign-in is not working so, you should know about some common troubleshooting methods that will help you at different times.

Method 1: Check the Outlook Password 

If you are thinking why can’t I sign into my outlook account then, it can be because of incorrect login credentials or wrong password. This is why you should check the password of your Outlook/Hotmail email account. 

Most of the time, an incorrect password prevents your login attempt so, you should ensure that you are using the correct password. If you have forgotten the password of the account then, you can reset the password of the account very easily and then use the changed password.

Method 2: Check Hotmail Service Status

Another major reason why your account may not be accepting your login attempt is because of the service status of Hotmail. If you cant log into outlook it can be because the entire server of Hotmail may be down. In such a case you cannot do anything other than wait for Hotmail to resume its services. It can also be because the service is under some maintenance and updates. So, wait for the services to go online and then, try logging into your account. 

If your Outlook/Hotmail account is still not working properly then, you can use the Ityug247 website to know about other troubleshooting methods which will help you. 


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