Can’t Click Anything on Desktop in Windows 10- How to fix it?


Solutions to use when you can’t click anything on the desktop

  1. Close and restart Explorer.exe

If windows 10 can’t click anything on the desktop then, the main reason for this problem can be that Windows Explorer is frozen. For this, you need to close the explorer using the Task manager. Once, you have killed the explorer then, you should also restart it to see if it is working properly or not 

  1. Check your Keyboard

Another reason why you can’t click on anything on the desktop is because of your Keyboard. Sometimes, there are some keys on the keyboard that are broken or long pressed that you do not see. These keys make the mouse unresponsive and then, you will not be able to click on anything. 

  1. Check the software

There is much software on your computer and sometimes these prevent the general actions of the mouse. This is why you can’t click on desktop. So, we recommend that you check all the software running on your computer to locate the source of the problem. 

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