AOL Mail not working in Iphone? Learn how to fix AOL Mail Issue


AOL mail is a very popular webmail service. This allows its users to remain connected with each other by its quick emailing characteristic. The server of the mail service is much faster than any other mail service. However, even the best of services often have problems and issues.

If your AOL mail is not working, this step-by-step guide can be very helpful for you. The two main problems that you can face can be:

  1. You have received an email about updated security measures from AOL.

Or, suddenly you find it hard to get your AOL mail on your Mac or iPhone, even after entering the password numerous times. Follow the instructions in the mail given by AOL and you may be able to login back into your account.

  1. You can also face some other problems that may be the main reason for aol not working on iPhone or Mac.

Solving the Security problems

AOL has sent emails to every user that they will have to update their accounts by using a secure sign-in method. The email you will get will be from the email address; this makes it easier for you to search for it. 

Creating a password that will be app-specific is quite easy, which is required if aol mail is not working on iphone.

  • Visit on your computer.

  • Tap on your name and you will be able to see account Settings.

  • Hit on ‘Account Security’ this will be in the pane on left.

  • Tap on ‘Generate and manage app passwords. Look carefully for this because the link is very small.

  • Write a name for your account password.  And then you have to click on ‘generate’ to ensure the last step of the process.

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